3 finest free agent locations for Trevor Story

The MLB lockout is raging on with no end in sight. Regular season games are being canceled and the season could even be in jeopardy. Despite that, there’s nothing wrong with baseball fans speculating about free agency and possible fits for free agents. Aside from providing hope that the lockout could ultimately end soon, it also makes for a pleasant change in reading material from the doomsday articles emerging everyday about the work stoppage. So, with that in mind, let’s talk about Colorado Rockies free agent shortstop Trevor Story.

Story, 29, is regarded as one of the better shortstops in the majors. Perhaps in any other year, Story would be the top free agent prize at the position. This year, where shortstops such as Corey Seager, who signed a monster deal with the Texas Rangers, and Carlos Correa, who has yet to sign, Story is more of a consolation prize. However, that doesn’t mean there won’t be a market for him if and when the lockout ends. That said, here are the three best free agent fits for Story.

3 Best Free Agent Destinations For Trevor Story

3. New York Yankees

It’s natural to see the Yankees listed anywhere where there is a shortstop available. New York clearly doesn’t want Gleyber Torres, who suffered defensively at short, to resume handling duties at the position next year. The Yankees also can’t afford to sign a stopgap and bide their time until top prospects Anthony Volpe and Oswald Pereza, are ready for the big leagues. New York may also decline to open their wallets and pay up big for Carlos Correa. That’s where Story comes in. The Rockies All-Star is a career .272 hitter, hits for power and has averaged 22 stolen bases per 162 games. In other words, the story would be a perfect addition to the Yankees, who have plenty of power hitters but not enough base-stealers and hit-for-average guys.

2. Philadelphia Phillies

The Phillies are in need of an upgrade at shortstop. While Correa is very appealing, he would be entirely too expensive for a team that just shelled out millions for Bryce Harper. Story, who might not command the contract he could have given his down year, makes sense as a Phillies target. Philadelphia has spoken about how they are looking for middle-of-the-order protection for Harper, who was simply too easy to pitch around last year. Story has never hit less than 24 homers in a full season and has twice hit 35-plus. That’s plenty of pop for the middle of the order, particularly from a middle infielder. The Phillies should look into Story if and when the lockout ends.

1. Colorado Rockies

It would certainly make sense for Story to return to the Rockies. For one thing, he has always performed better in the high altitudes of Colorado, career .972 OPS, compared to on the road, .752 OPS. Also, there’s the fact that Story simply isn’t the best free agent shortstop on the market. However, if he were to return to Colorado and put together an improved season- if there is a season- that would do wonders for his free agent value next year. Story should return to the Rockies.

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