Conor McGregor backed to “barbecue” Jake Paul and take his head “off his shoulders”

McGregor has been backed by fellow UFC star Anthony Smith to defeat Paul if the pair met in MMA, but believes the YouTube star would be better suited facing the Irishman in the boxing ring

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Jake Paul talks Conor McGregor, Tommy Fury and Julio Cesar Chavez Jr

Conor McGregor has been backed to “barbecue” Jake Paul after the YouTube star challenged the Irishman to a bout in the UFC.

Paul has frequently attempted to entice McGregor into a rivalry throughout his five-fight boxing career and has emphasized his desire to meet the Irishman in the boxing ring. Most recently Paul offered UFC president Dana White a one-fight deal to face McGregor in the octagon and expressed his confidence at having his hand raised.

UFC light-heavyweight Anthony Smith believes any boxing meeting between Paul and McGregor would be a good fight despite their noticeable size difference – but dismissed the social media star’s chances in the cage. “First of all, Conor’s half his size right now,” Smith told MMA Fighting. “People do miss that. Jake’s a big dude and he’s fighting short, stocky, wrestler welterweights. Jake Paul’s my size. He’s a big goddamn dude. He’s way north of 200lb.

“Him fighting Conor in a boxing match, that would probably be a pretty good fight, to be honest with you. But is he going to knock him out in an MMA fight? No. Not when Conor gets kicking — he’s going to kick Jake Paul’s head right off his shoulders. People say that Jake can wrestle a little bit so [he] might be able to keep it a little bit competitive for a minute or so. But no, in an MMA fight, he’s going to get barbecued.”

A noticeable size difference has been significantly bridged with McGregor currently weighing around 190lbs after making a return to training since breaking his leg last year. The Irishman is first eyeing a UFC return and has called for a shot at 170lb champion Kamaru Usman.

Paul has made waves throughout his boxing career and recently moved to criticize recent footage of McGregor’s return to training which finally provoked a response from the Irishman who branded him a “jackass”. The YouTube star later offered White the chance to promote a clash between himself and McGregor in the cage, with his previous proposals on fighter pay and healthcare coming to fruition if he secured victory.

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Conor McGregor has not fought in the UFC since his defeat to Dustin Poirier last July


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The 25-year-old has also expressed his confidence at beating McGregor and pointed out his previous background in wrestling. “This is about making a change,” Paul said. “That’s what Conor hasn’t ever done, he’s always been selfish.

“The fighter pay needs to increase so I’ve said that if I win, then Dana has to increase the minimum fighter pay. If I lose then they can take the money and do whatever. But I know I can beat Conor, people think ‘This kid’s crazy’ and yeah, I am, no s***.

“That’s how I’ve gotten this far because I’m crazy and I believe in myself and Conor is on a downhill spiral, his limbs are all broken, in the stand-up game I’m knocking him out first round.”

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